Corporate Philosophy & Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

 We will use technology to contribute to the creation of a society in which people can live with the freedom to pursue their dreams.

Code of Conduct

Based on our corporate philosophy, People, Dreams & Technologies Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “PDT Group ") respect human rights, comply with applicable laws and regulations, keep to international rules and their basic concept both at home and abroad, and fulfill our social responsibility with high ethics as we aim to create a sustainable society.

We act based on the belief that "People" and "Technology" are our most valuable assets.

(1) PDT Group offers useful technologies for creating a safe and secure society.
(2) PDT Group respects diversity in the workplace and employees' personality traits, secures a safe and comfortable work environment and brings about prosperity.
(3) PDT Group contributes aggressively to social activities.

We act based on the belief that "Quality" is the best outcome of our business.

(4) PDT Group provides high quality services.

We act based on the belief that "Environment" is our ultimate goal.

(5) PDT Group proactively addresses environmental issues.

We act based on the belief that "Trust" is the most valuable thing.

(6) PDT Group supports fair, transparent, and free competition while maintaining a healthy relationship with political and administrative bodies.
(7) PDT Group protects personal and client information in an appropriate manner.
(8) PDT Group provides corporate information in an appropriate manner as needed.
(9) PDT Group rejects and acts firmly against any relationship with Anti-Social Forces.

Through these actions, we promote the globalization of our business activities, comply with the laws of each country/region, and respect various international norms including human rights. In addition, we operate our business in consideration of the cultures and customs and stakeholders' interests, and contribute to the development of economic society in the countries and regions related to our business. If an incident violates this corporate code of conduct, our top management will take the initiative to identify and solve problems and prevent recurrence. We are committed to promptly disclosing accurate information to society, ensuring our accountability thereto. Our rights and responsibilities include taking strict measures against all parties who interfere with the appropriate accountability.

We make sure that top management acts as a role model, taking leadership to increase awareness of the importance of this corporate code of conduct in the entire company as well as in the group companies and with our business partners, acknowledging that all play a role in embodying the basic spirit at the core of this corporate code of conduct. Also, we are always ready to receive feedback from inside and outside the company and respond with an internal system that generates positive effects.

Ethics Policy

We are committed to ethical corporate activities at a high level. We comply with international rules, laws, and regulations and we respect basic human rights. We follow social norms to achieve clients' goals in the most reasonable manner while researching and developing state-of-the-art technologies, striving to improve our technical skills, and contributing to the development of a strong and stable society.

  • (1) PDT Group always exercises self-control in any environment, strives to enhance its dignity, and respects its own honor.
  • (2) PDT Group works hard to acquire a wide range of knowledge and improve its technologies to fulfill its obligations as a good business partner and technical solution provider with confidence in its own technologies.
  • (3) PDT Group acts on a neutral and independent position and does not receive any benefits other than direct client compensation.
  • (4) PDT Group protects clients' interests and trust by conducting its duties using its own technologies, and does not leak any confidential information obtained in the course of business.
  • (5) PDT Group strives to maintain fair and free competition.
  • (6) PDT Group is committed to creating a safe, secure, and sustainable society.
  • (7) PDT Group treasures all resources and participates in conservation efforts through the recovery of nature in recognition of a global environment.
  • (8) PDT Group creates a comfortable work environment for employees.
  • (9) PDT Group does not tolerate unfair business practices including unfair trade and false profit.
  • (10) PDT Group manages its assets appropriately, including confidential information.
  • (11) PDT Group manages personal and client information appropriately.
  • (12) PDT Group will not unreasonably damage subcontractors' interests.
  • (13) PDT Group maintains an appropriate relationship with clients, public officials, and others.
  • (14) PDT Group fairly discloses corporate information and strives to ensure transparency.
  • (15) PDT Group rejects any relationship with Anti-Social Forces.
  • (16) PDT Group respects intellectual property rights and manages them appropriately.


Personal Information Protection Policy

We are fully aware of the importance of personal information, and we hereby declare that we comply with the following personal information protection policies in order to build trust with all stakeholders.

  • (1) PDT Group sets internal rules on the appropriate collection, use and provision of personal information, and abides by them.
  • (2) PDT Group collects personal information after receiving consent from the applicable individual and uses it for limited purposes.
  • (3) PDT Group manages personal information appropriately and prevents outside information leaks through the appointment of a personal information protection manager.
  • (4) PDT Group complies with laws, regulations, and other rules related to personal information.
  • (5) PDT Group reviews and improves the above items as applicable when handling information.
  • (6) PDT Group follows the "Specific Personal Information Protection Policy" for the personal ID (My Number) and Basic Policy on the Appropriate Handling of Specific Personal Information, PDT Group separately stipulated.

Specific Personal Information Protection Policy

PDT Group has established this policy on a company-wide basis to implement the appropriate handling of specific personal information and numbers ("Specific Personal Information") based on the "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures" (My Number Act).

  • 1. Name of Business Operator
    People, Dreams & Technologies Group Co., Ltd.
  • 2. Compliance with Applicable Laws/Regulations and Guidelines
    The Company handles specific personal information in an appropriate manner that complies with the My Number Act, the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," other laws/regulations, the "Guidelines for the Appropriate Handling of Specific Personal Information (for Businesses)," and other guidelines. The Company collects personal information only after obtaining consent from the individual and uses it for limited purposes.
  • 3. Safe Management Measures
    The Company takes appropriate measures required for the safe management of specific personal information such as preventive measures against information leak, loss, and damage. The Company also appropriately supervises employees, contractors, and subcontractors who handle specific personal information if necessary. The specific rules on safe management measures for individual personal information are separately stipulated in the "Rules on the Handling of Specific Personal Information."
  • 4. Contact for Specific Personal Information
    The Company's Administrative Group appropriately responds to all inquiries on the handling of specific personal information in the Company.

Information Security Policy

We appropriately and honestly respond to various risks to our information assets that we utilize for a broad range of business activities caused by disaster, accidents, or deliberately, and we continue to carry out the following activities to ensure and secure the security and reliability of our information assets in consideration of our basic policy to ensure society's, clients', and investors' trust.

  • PDT Group acknowledges the importance of information security in its business activities. It deploys the necessary information security management systems and makes continuous improvements.
  • PDT Group complies with all laws and regulations concerning information security and the agreed-upon requirements.
  • PDT Group will not use internal or external personal information handled by the company for any other purposes than data collection.
  • PDT Group continually maintains and develops its information asset management system in its business activities.
  • PDT Group ensures data redundancy to secure the safety of its information assets in preparation for disaster and unforeseeable accidents.
  • PDT Group increases employee awareness of information security by providing continuous training on the dramatically changing information environment.

Quality Policy

Our corporate philosophy is to "We will use technology to contribute to the creation of a society in which people can live with the freedom to pursue their dreams."

Based on this corporate philosophy, we aim to be an independent-minded consultant group while striving to become a company that can offer "new values" to society and people.