Mirai Camera Shot-3A Society in which
Diversity Shines
Mirai Camera:
This section introduces our vision for the future.
There are three key areas in
which we are working to realize our dreams.

Our conceptions of necessary infrastructure are changing as a result of the declining birthrate, aging population, and declining regional population in Japan.

Our greatest skills are understanding and working towards these goals, from the development of transportation methods that are friendly to the elderly, to the proposal of public facilities utilizing private funds and knowledge, to the design and operation of those public facilities.

We aim to bring to fruition smart cities through the development of comprehensive services necessary for next-generation community development.

A society that inspires dreams

In depopulated areas, the movement of elderly people is restricted. In response, we are deploying on-demand transportation systems throughout Japan. By combining the use of IT and power generation, we are working to create cities where everyone can work energetically and with true vitality in conjunction with unprecedented technologies, such as flying cars, supercities, and waterfront cities.

Urban development using new mobility in the Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture (Chodai)

Truly essential public facilities

Public facilities are not finished when construction is complete. For the people of the region, this is just the beginning. We will create facilities that are truly useful to local communities by carrying out the long-term operation of hospitals, food service centers, roadside stations, funeral halls, and various other facilities, and implementing projects based on these long-term perspectives.

Business management of the Amagasaki Municipal School Lunch Center (Chodai/CCM)

Tourism that brings affluence to the regions through an understanding of new value systems

Having undergone a society-wide reconceptualization of the “new normal,” people are now seeking truly valuable leisure pursuits, and the affluence of the regions is being reevaluated. We will create a cycle of revitalization through the development of facilities that meet these values and the long-term stable operation of these facilities for local communities.

Glamping facility in Beppu City (Chodai)

Sustainability is at the very core of our business activities.