Environmental Protection Measures

There exist different environmental challenges, ranging from familiar issues such as noise pollution, air pollution, garbage, and water pollution, to global issues including global warming as well as the threat to endangered animal species.
PDT Group has addressed these issues and engaged in a number of environment-friendly infrastructure development projects both home and abroad. We have worked hard to decrease the influence of construction activities on plants and animals in the wild, to say nothing of the giving of special consideration to people's lives. Also, we conduct workshops and educational activities in local communities as part of our environment-oriented business promotion campaigns. In addition, we are committed to the development of renewable energy utilization through small-scale hydraulic power generation, wind power, biomass, and other technologies in a bid to foster and preserve a sustainable society for the next generation.

Response to Climate Change

Renewable energy (biomass power generation)

Chodai, one of the group’s companies, has been conducting a public-private woody biomass gasification power generation project, with commercial operation commencing in June 2021. Going forward, we will reinvest the proceeds from the sale of electricity in order to promote further regional development. We aim to make the project a sustainable foundation for a strong local community by combining environmental conservation with stable operation.

Renewable energy (geothermal power generation)

Kiso-Jiban Consultants, a group company, is actively conducting a geothermal power generation business, involved in all aspects of the process from development to operation. From the perspective of energy supply, we aim to develop low-carbon, recycling-oriented regional development projects that are disaster-resilient and will contribute to an enrichment of the lives of those in the community.

A Recycling-Oriented Society

Nature restoration project

In the Kushiro wetlands, soil inflows due to agricultural land development in the upstream area have led to a decrease in land area and changes in vegetation. In order to restore the natural balance, JOGMEC has conducted verification tests of restorative effects and surveys of the natural environment, and has also developed sediment control reservoirs to reduce sediment accumulation. Two separate environmentally-friendly businesses have been launched in the area.


Investigation of the impact on the environment of road construction and railway development

We investigate, analyze, and assess the extent to which each project conducted by Chodai, one of the group’s companies, will impact on the environment. If the study will find that some species would be impacted, we will undertake protective measures accordingly.

Environmental Policy

Our corporate philosophy is to "We will use technology to contribute to the creation of a society in which people can live with the freedom to pursue their dreams."
Under this corporate philosophy, we have adopted the environmental policy of fulfilling the following commitments through our business and workplace activities, with focus on construction consulting services.

Energy saving, resource saving, and resource circulation
Workplace/local community/global environmental conservation and creation
Compliance with relevant environmental laws/regulations and the environment-related requirements we have agreed on
Development of training programs and implementation of educational activities

(Yasuji Nagaya  Representative Director and President)