Mirai Camera Shot-1A Resilient Society
Mirai Camera:
This section introduces our vision for the future.
There are three key areas in which
we are working to realize our dreams.

Together with the omnipresent threat of climate disasters and earthquakes, Japan is faced with the problem of aging infrastructure.

A society in which people are able to pursue their dreams can only be realized with a foundation of safety and peace of mind.

In cooperation with national land resilience measures, we will continue to protect the safety and security of society through exploring business opportunities and using technology across all areas of infrastructure development.

A society that can recover flexibly in the event of a disaster

Due to its geographical location, Japan is unavoidably prone to a wide variety of natural disasters. While disaster preparedness is indispensable, the ability to recover our daily lives by responding swiftly and flexibly in the event of an emergency is one of our unique strengths.

The Shin-Aso Ohashi Bridge, a symbol of the reconstruction efforts in the recovery from the Kumamoto Earthquake (Chodai)

A society in which people can live and pursue their dreams with peace of mind

Infrastructure that can be used safely and with peace of mind is the foundation of people's lives. In order to provide this foundation, a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the issue is essential. This includes not only the urgent requirement to implement measures to address aging infrastructure facilities, but also involves the maintenance and management of those facilities, and the formulation of and technical support for long-term plans. We consider this challenge of the creation of a stable foundation for society which gives people the freedom to pursue their own dreams, to be one of our greatest responsibilities.

Large-scale renewal of the Tomei Expressway (Chodai)

Technologies that improve productivity and quality of life

To compensate for labor shortages caused by Japan’s declining birthrate, aging population, and population decline, technological solutions must be used to provide more reliable and efficient infrastructure services. This will lead to improvements in workers’ quality of life and national productivity. Each of the technological innovations we are working on is designed to create a more prosperous future.

Development of an application for the streamlining of the Fukushima Prefecture off-shore earthquake survey
(Kiso-Jiban Consultants)

Sustainability is at the very core of our business activities.