Mirai Camera Shot-2A Sustainable Society
Mirai Camera:
This section introduces our vision for the future.
There are three key areas in which
we are working to realize our dreams.

The development of technologies that coexist with nature is essential in order to create an affluent life for the people.

The use of renewable energy sources such as wind and biomass is an effective means of protecting nature.

We believe the key to the creation of a sustainable society lies in the use of IoT technology that enhances efficiency and services, as well as through diverse collaborative efforts.

A carbon-free society with renewable energy

The shift to carbon-free and renewable energy on a global scale is accelerating, and there is a need to develop new energy businesses that take advantage of Japan's technological strengths. With expectations for a huge new market, we will boldly take on this challenge by making use of the experience of the People, Dreams & Technologies Group, which has long been involved in the commercialization of such businesses in Japan and overseas.

Development of the latest equipment for offshore wind power generation
(Kiso-Jiban Consultants)

A biodiverse future in which people and nature can live in harmony

People must learn to coexist with nature. For many years, we have been involved in infrastructure projects, constantly seeking ways to protect people's lives while maintaining their harmony with nature. We aim for a future in which we can protect our irreplaceable natural gifts and coexist with them.

Surveying the depths using drones in the environmental restoration project at Lake Shinji (Chodai)

Connections and dreams that extend beyond national borders

There are no borders in our efforts to protect the global environment and achieve sustainable development goals. We are actively participating in overseas renewable energy development and environment-related projects. Efforts aimed at the same goal of protecting the global environment will create a diverse range of collaborative ventures across national borders, and create new possibilities.

Solar power generation business in Taiwan (Chodai)

Sustainability is at the very core of our business activities.