The People, Dreams, and Technology Group aims to create a society in which people can have pleasure and dreams by protecting safety and security.
We will strengthen our efforts in the areas of environment, society, governance, CSV, and SDGs, and will work closely with companies with a wide range of expertise to create a new society.
To this end, we have defined three business axes and overseas expansion domains.


Our commitment to ESG criteria is indivisible from our business activities. Compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights and culture, and consideration for the global environment do not undermine profitability, but rather enhance it over the long term. 
CSV (Creating Shared Value)

PDT Group has been carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.
In corporate management, it is said that management strategies with social and environmental awareness improve corporate value in the mid and long term. In 2011, Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University presented the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which regards the pursuit of both economic and social value as the essence of corporate management. Aiming to "create a better society," PDT Group will promote CSV efforts, which are already embraced by many global companies, to create new value.
Please check our group companies’s web site, if you want to know the details of specific initiatives.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

PDT Group's mission and goals to achieve SDGs
Worldwide, cross-border problems are becoming more serious nowadays, and such problems require solutions. In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the common global targets for balancing the three aspects of society (the economy, the communities, and the environment) in all countries--both advanced and developing nations. What is expected from these SDGs is to address issues regarding poverty, starvation, water, health, education, medical care, and freedom of speech and gender in order to develop infrastructures that will enable people to lead good lives by 2030.
At PDT Group, our mission is to provide people with safe and secure living conditions through infrastructure development. Our primary purpose of developing infrastructures all over the world is to create equality of opportunity, eliminate disparity in wealth, and achieve peace. At PDT Group, we incorporate all the 17 SDGs into the scope of our business and strive to achieve them in order to create a sustainable world.

Three pillars of business and target regions for overseas business expansion

Pillar I: Infrastructure Development & Maintenance

PDT Group responds to public needs for the effective maintenance of infrastructures that form the platform of a country, natural disaster prevention/reduction, and the development of new infrastructures that will support the social system for Society 5.0 by combining high levels of infrastructure technology and cutting-edge IT technology.
PDT Group is also planning to strengthen its service provider business, for e.g., infrastructure operation/maintenance, and expand into new business lines.

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Pillar II: Environment & Alternative Energy

PDT Group offers consulting services to renewable energy business operators in order to achieve an environment-friendly society and promotes its own environmental business, including a renewable energy business as a service provider. Furthermore, PDT Group is planning to enhance its services by combining environmental technology and IT technology and expand into new business lines.

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Pillar III: Community Development

PDT Group provides consulting services for urban development for the next generation by shaping up plans for the creation of a smart city, revitalization of local communities, and strengthening of welfare services, in addition to designing facilities based on private funds/know-how and creating operation plans for such facilities. As a service provider, PDT Group also offers comprehensive services for urban development in collaboration with business operators in various industries.

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Target regions for its overseas business expansion

By targeting Southeast Asian countries enjoying rapid economic growth, PDT Group promotes the regional economic development support appropriate for the characteristics of each country and region by restructuring its overseas operations and strengthening and working with the service system consisting of pillars I, II, and III. Starting with Southeast Asia, PDT Group is scheduled to expand its business into other Asian regions as well as African regions.